About Sam

“Poetic, mystical, sensual and instinctive, Samantha’s work speaks a primal language that affects us to the core…” This quote from an OKHA article in 2011 describes perfectly the way in which I work with clay.

I work primarily from my sub-conscious with no fixed idea of the finished product. This frees me to follow my intuition and gut feel rather than getting caught up in predetermined ideas of right and wrong. My creation process has translated into an organic flow or twist that forms the basis of all my sculptures, giving each of them a sense of movement that is unique to my work.

At the moment I’m crafting large wall-hanging sculptures and would love to exhibit these in an appropriate gallery space. Please recommend!

I give adult creative clay classes in the centre of Cape Town, open to anyone with an imagination.

Please contact me directly for information regarding sculptures or classes. I hope you enjoy my website…

Click here to see my portfolio.

Samantha Morgan